East2west Games is a reputed game publisher with over 5 years experience and excellent expertise in gaming.


East2west Games’ Approach:


Just provide the source(or project) and your bank details, we’ll handle the rest


We will remove of existing, pirated versions of your games in China


We understand games and we understand China. We will make sure that the Chinese version appeals as well as possible to the Chinese audience and is easy to understand, while staying true to the spirit and style of the game


Commercial success for games in China comes from a broad range of monetisation approaches. We will tailor the F2P elements of the games for the Chinese market, integrate advertising and monitor and optimize these on an ongoing basis. This can include creation of new IAPs and monetisation mechanics when we see the opportunity


East2west Games will ensure that channels feature your title not just once at the beginning, but repeatedly. We will achieve this by:


Preparing frequent updates, giving a simple reason to re-feature -Regularly visiting our channel partners to demonstrate your game in person and maintain our strong relationships, ensuring preferential treatment


We will ensure press and blog coverage of your title online, and represent selected games at gaming events where we can engage with fans and the press in person


East2west staff will closely monitor, promote and support fan communities to build a strong following and understand what Chinese players actually want in the game. Then we deliver in the updates


We will secure involvement of popular Chinese IPs for the updates and campaigns if needed 

For more information, please contact:

Rm 506, Boee Longy Center, No. 8 Fengcheng Rd., Weiyang District, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China